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field trip

A stripper is a person who strips; it is sometimes termed as an occupation, which involves taking ones clothes off with an aim of sexual stimulation of others. A higher percentage of strippers are women/ladies. Body is the only thing that a stripper considers as an asset. Her emotions and mind are not as important as her body (Scott, 2003). There was dancing involved; with the dancers revealing their private parts in a seductive manner. Those in participation were the strippers themselves (men and women) and executive clients, who were mostly men. I would tell the executive clients by the type of cars parked outside the club and presence of bodyguards.
Before the visit, my impression about strippers was sexual immoral acts. I changed my perception after interrogating some participants. Most of them do this to earn a living, pay their bills and go to school, and no one forces these men and women to do what they do. Most of those I interacted with had no problem with showing their private parts in exchange for money.
My perception on strippers really changed after the trip. Previously I viewed them as prostitutes and despised what they did; I never really understood why they did such acts. The trip made me realize that these people are just like anybody else and what they do is just like any other job. I do not think it is erroneous for single men to go to strip clubs provided this does not become a habit, and it is not done when they already have a soul mate or kids.
The trip changed my belief on sexuality. I came to see that I was wrong, not every stripper is too focused on sexual activity, and they do not think it is more important than it really is. They just see taking their clothes off as a job to get their daily bread.
Not all people in the society may approve activities in a strip club. Some of those who may disapprove this include married couples, Religious leaders, and parents among others. These individuals disapprove strip clubs as they find ...
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The type of images portrayed in logos, advertisements banners used in strippers club made me interested to know activities carried out in strippers club.
Most of the activities…
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