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The Role of a Woman

ge topic for many countries, especially the developing countries, it is with no doubts that the position that women hold in the society is greatly changing. In particular, the society has opened doors for women to conquer in vast areas while trying to support themselves and their families. Apart from taking care of their families, women now take part in businesses, leadership, and even the political arena.
The capacity of a woman to decide whether to stay home with her family or to pursue a career is greatly impacted by what the society requires of them. It is with no doubt that a lot has changed since the earlier days when all decisions on money and careers were solely left for men. Today, educational opportunities are wide open for both sexes, and women are allowed to apply legally for practically any type of job. However, as much as women take up new and bigger roles in the society, they are still expected to take care of their families and homes. Generally, there is a notion that women are able to do it all. In essence, women are taught that they can be able maintain a home, raise a family, have a social life and manage their careers all alone. This results in a condition known as superwoman syndrome since it is theoretical impossible for a woman to do all this and still satisfy every aspect of her life. In fact, studies have shown that women who get help with child care and their housework are able to handle their work responsibilities more easily (Elliott, 47). By not delegating enough duties, women block their own path to career success as this makes their workload unmanageable. In this regard, women ought to choose where to put more emphasis between their families and their work.
The society does play a great role in determining the kind of choices women make in terms of career and family duties. Human values and beliefs are based on what the society has put to be right and what it has displayed as wrong. Most of the society voices actually hinder women ...
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Women have more freedom and independence in making life decisions and what they would like to do. It is said that justice embraces every positive thing in life while evil comprises of everything that has evil in it…
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