Gender Misrepresentation in Society and Media - Research Paper Example

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Gender Misrepresentation in Society and Media

Since time immemorial, the female gender has been treated as objects, without regard to their dignity (Worell, 2001). As a result, depression, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, anxiety of facial and body appearance are common among media working women. In addition, women in advertising companies have been neglected in that the advertisements only highlight a specific part of a woman body while completely ignoring other body parts, thus increasing shame that women feel about their bodies being less attractive. The negative aftermath not only affects adult female but also the younger ones (Croteau & Hoynes, 2014). This has caused low political efficacy and other negative implications.
Discrimination based on person’s gender has dominated the media and advertising industries. Victims of sexism and bias in the media lose morale to perform their duties effectively. Some advertising industries pass over women for promotion due to their belief about women’s ability; they use this phrase as an excuse ‘women are weak vessels. Extreme sexism may result to sexual harassment at workplace.
Researchers have raised numerous questions on how media defines gender socialization and particularly how it portrays crimes committed in the society. While it is true that researchers have examined the crime covered by media, it is apparent that the majority of them have not focused on how media portrays the offence (Holtzman et al. 2014). This has led to female been portrayed as victims and not offenders thus bringing the point that females less likely commit criminal acts compared to their male counterparts. In this aspect, a small number of female offenders represent a minute percentage of the offenders convicted because of a serious offence (Holtzman et al, 2014). On the occasions that women are not fully responsible for the crimes committed, media groups justify their images and narratives and thus are not ...
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Mainstream media and advertising have proved to be a potential tool used to influence gender norms in the American culture especially in matters relating to women’s leadership. It constructs negative perceptions of women thus subjecting them to low political efficacy and high…
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