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Adolescence is a Period of Storm and Stress

Each transition period is characterised by milestones that promotes growth and maturity. The changing process doesn’t stop in the adulthood change though as development in other aspects such as psychological and social aspects can still progress. The adolescence period is vital among these changes as it is intermediary to childhood and adulthood. It poses great challenges to the metamorphosing individual as independence becomes interesting and the path towards it is resolutely sought. There is actually no standard definition of adolescence. Although it is often captured as an age range, usually from 10 to 18 years old, chronological age is but one way of defining adolescence (Gentry and Campbell 2002). Physical, social and cognitive development can also form the basis of adolescence. The needs and capabilities of a child turning into an adolescent drastically change. And this transition process has been the basis of adolescence being known as the period of “storm and stress”, a perspective introduced by Hall (1904) and supported by the psychoanalytic tradition (Freud 1958) and Erikson’s (1968) description of adolescence as a period of identity crisis which popularised in the 20th century (de Beeck 2010). ...
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Change is a continuous process that occurs in every human being. There are several categories we can define each developmental stage however it can be generalised from a life developmental perspective as periods of childhood, adolescence and adulthood. …
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