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Girl Interrupted and The Yellow Wallpaper

The film “Girl Interrupted” depicts the social issues affecting women in the society by using the constructs of emotionally conflicted young women. The main actor, Suzanna, among other young women is taken to a rehabilitation center after being diagnosed with various mental and emotional issues. The happenings in Claymoore Hospital suffice to explain the theme of escape from the entrapment of social quagmire. Actually, the most prominent theme in this film is the theme of escape. The mentally unstable Suzanna, first signs in to the rehabilitation center as she tries to escape the issues of life that could possibly have been the cause of her unstable emotional status. She is believed to have tried to commit suicide by taking an overdose. This can be seen as a plan to escape the harsh conditions of life face by women. The rehabilitation center seems like a safe haven for her as she escapes the realities of the outside world but later, it becomes evident that there exists more issues to escape from. Within the confines of the hospital, Suzanna finds that the hospital staff and other mentally unstable young women are giving her a hard time and opts to escape from these problems by going to seclusion room. However, the seclusion room has its challenges too. Although the seclusion room provides discrete lifestyle and calm, it does not provide total freedom and therefore, she still yearns to go back to the real world. Finally, she is able to escape the confines of the hospital through the marriage proposal. ...
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This paper seeks to discuss themes "escape" in Girl Interrupted versus “isolation” in the Yellow Wallpaper as it depicts the bigger social picture in the feminine world. Different means are used to communicate the sensitive issues affecting women…

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