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The Characterization of Aunt Martha

Women were considered as men’s property, and they were supposed to take care of their husbands and women. While this was essential for the sustenance of the family system in the society as well as good nurturing and up-bringing of the children, the American society was deprived of a huge intellectual base with the women restrained in homes. Aunt Martha placed emphasis upon the need to explore this intellectual resource, so that not only the society would benefit, but also the status and identity of the women in the society would change for the better. Aunt Martha wrote in her diary, “If ever I live and grow up, my one aim and concentrated purpose shall be and is to show that women can learn, can reason, can compete with men in the grand fields of literature and science and conjecture..., that a woman can be a woman, and a true one, without having all her time engrossed in dress and society” (Martha cited in Jacob 372). Aunt Martha was aware of this potential in women because she saw the same potential in herself as a woman, which makes her gender very important in the work she did. Perhaps, she would not have been as confident about the women’s competency had she not been a woman herself. Aunt Martha challenged the view that women think differently from men, and are thus not suitable for tasks that require a man’s mind to be performed. ...
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17 May 2012. The Characterization of Aunt Martha Aunt Martha’s gender is of a lot of significance for the enlightenment, moderation, and empowerment of all women in general and the black women in particular…
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