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Fashion 1980 - Now - The Fashionistas Guide

The essay "Fashion 1980 - Now - The Fashionistas Guide" investigates how fashion has led to the rise of the new features of identifying gender among some of the Japanese tribes. The vibrant and outlandish fashionistas of Tokyo have led to a change of fashion in japan in a rate that is almost impossible to document without instantly being out of date. However, there are some tribes in japan that have managed to change with technological changes of fashion without abolishing their true societal origins. Apparently, there are several tribes that have evolved that one cannot miss encountering them in any time one happen to tour to the Japanese capital. For example, the changing fashion have led to the rise of a group of youngsters that refer themselves as the roller family that has seriously assumed the business of dancing to old rock and roll in large numbers especially during the afternoons of both Saturday and Sunday at the entrances of Yoyogi park without failing. However, this dancing group is believed to be part of the Yoyogi furniture that has been in existence since 1990. The dancing group is characterized by receding hairlines bullied into thinking quiffs. Moreover, on the border of Shibula and Harajuku districts, there have emerged Grimoire, which is a shop furnished with accessories and cloths located a convenient point targeting the Dolly Kei movement. The followers of this movement dress velvets, rich embroidery and silks that distinguish themselves from non-followers. ...
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The essay analyzes The Fashionistas Guide to Japanese Fashion Tribes. Gender is the wide range of biological, behavioral, mental and physical characteristics relating to, and outlining the difference between femininity and masculinity. However, gender identity is a subjective experience…
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