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Short Paper on Male Health

According to Botswick et al. (2004), there is a number of risk factors which can increase the possibility of prostate cancer. First of all, men who have close relative with prostate cancers are twice as likely to develop have it in their future. Hormonal levels of androgens and alterations in their metabolism also increase the risks; it changes with age. Aging is a very important risk factor as men after 60 have higher risks of prostate cancer development. The race (African American) is also a great risk factor. Finally, such factors as diet, lifestyle, ecology and occupation can significantly contribute to the disease epidemiology.
The first symptoms of the prostate cancer include increased frequency of urination, difficulties related to start and stop urinating, burning and painful sensations. Blood can appear in urine or semen. Significant weight loss and tiredness are also related to prostate cancer as its symptoms (Derrer, 2014).
The chances to survive after the diagnosis are high if cancer is diagnosed at its early stage. 100% of men recover successfully. However, if advanced prostate cancer is diagnosed, the chances to survive merit only 28% (Derrer, 2014). This data is not a verdict; treatment for prostate cancer is advancing steadily. More men have chances to survive with advanced prostate cancer diagnosis if they receive quality healthcare and contribute to their health personally by making healthy choices.
The study by Ho et al. (2012) suggest that special diet can reduce the chances of prostate cancers. Consumption of low-fat products and reduction of animal fat in daily ration contributes to overall health condition. Vitamins and microelements such as folate, zinc, selenium and B-12 protect men’s organism from cancer. Green tea contains natural phytochemicals which are very important for prostate cancer prevention.
Ho, E., Beaver, L. M., Williams, D. E., & Dashwood, R. H. (2011). Dietary factors and epigenetic regulation for prostate ...
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It is the reason why many issues are discovered when they are burning. Prostate cancer is one such health issues. In this way, people need to increase their awareness related to prostate…
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