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unit 3

written, the illusion of class mobility was in existence since leaders created the assumption that strategies were put in place to minimize class differences. However, the society still had massive class based divisions. Meritocracy refers to the ability of the society to acknowledge the success of a person based on their achievements and rewards rather than their wealth and social status. Class marker is the definition towards a certain class level or perception towards a class. The article aims to change the class marker based on wealth and social superiority.
In the article, the role of the media in creating class differentiations is criticized. The article criticizes the media for shielding the truth of the nature of the different class levels. In particular, the article cites that the media tends to favor the rich class as it provides information that praises the class (Mantsios 386). Information provided on the low class has limited information and depth. However, this may not be true. The modern day media provide massive information on the situation at the low class. In addition, there are increases calls to improve life in the low class as well as bridge the gap between classes. This is done by highlighting the plight of people living in the low class. Considering the era the article is created, much has been done to improve media coverage on social classes. The media then only focuses on strategies put in place to develop the high class. In addition, the low class has never been viewed as significant part of the society thus sparking a much less interest to the public.
The main difference between the poverty and wealthy gap is the size. The income gap is determined by the ability of a society to live a comfortable life with access to social amenities. In regards to economic status, the poverty gap is disadvantages significantly. The class is poorly compensated for their services. The article uses data from the number of women with color who live wealthy ...
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At this time, class divisions were highly significant in the society. The society and class difference of the rich and poor was massive and clearly stipulated. In addition, the society perceived social class as an important aspect as it was quick…
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