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Menstruation Product Analysis

Summary of Martin’s argument Martin argues in his findings that men used to take out impurities by sweating while females menstruated to rid impurities. Men’s and women’s social roles were influenced by nature, dictated by the body’s structure (Martin, 33). A radical physiological distinction of males was dominated by active, energetic katabolic functions while female by passive, conservative anabolic function. Menstruation process evidently lied on the borders of pathological change. The basic changes that occur in terms of female reproduction system are menopause and perceive menopause as a pathological state (Martin, 31). Menstruation is occurs when endometrium is shed, initiating a new cycle when fertilization fails to occur. “That is why it used to be taught that ‘menstruation is the uterus crying for lack of a baby (Martin, 45). Martin argues that the perception of menstruation as a failure of authority structure of body contributes to negative perceptions. Women’s menacing sense of control in their menstruation period results to the negative perception and image of the process; since, they are not continuing the species (Martin, 47). In case fertilization and pregnancy fails to occur, a new ovarian cycle begins, and endometrium layer is repaired. ...
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Name Instructor Task Date Menstruation Product Analysis Introduction Martin’s argument on menstruation and menopause discusses the medical metaphors of women’s bodies. In reference to the medical literature, male and female bodies were perceived to be structurally the same until in the late 17 century when distinct body organs were found…
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