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Gender: Menstruation Product Analysis

So, the moon and stars are described as feminine here. In addition, on the same part of product’s packaging, there are six pink flowers. Here we have two gendered characteristics: pink always represent a girly color. Also, the flower represents a feminine symbol because flowers are known to be delicate in the same way as how we think women in society. On the left side of product’s packaging, there is a green woman’s underwear (a brief with a ribbon attached to it). On the other hand, there is a text from the packaging which reads “Enjoy being a woman…everyday”. The text could simply imply that menstruation is not part of productive womanhood. One is not a fulfilled woman if she has menstruation. Thus, a woman who has menstruation is not enjoying her normal life. Additionally, in a practical sense the text implies that menstruation is something negative and it will contradict/ruin a woman’s everyday life, employment, pleasure and etc. So, menstruation is something a woman needs to hide and to be embarrassed and ashamed of. It is therefore undesirable. To support this point of view, the external packaging of “Always ultra thin” if critically considered provides a good illustration of the idea of Emily Martin. ...
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Gender: Menstruation Product Analysis The name of the product is “Always ultra thin”, the proponent found it at CVS. It is somewhere at the right corner inside the store. The product is there because there are feminine items such as vaginal moisturizer and urinary pain relief (tablets)…
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