Women: Differentiation According to Their Gender - Research Paper Example

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Women: Differentiation According to Their Gender

The paper discusses on the various aspects of gender mainly biology and roles in various institutions such as marriage, the workplace and education where women become enormously differentiated from males. Women have certain biological aspects and roles which define how they get viewed by the society. This paper discusses in length the effect of gender and its impact on women. Gender signifies a vital part of the present society. It refers to the social characteristics of being male or female and the opportunities that tag along with belonging to either sex (Connel, 2009). Gender views at determining the relations between men and women or boys and girls. The characteristics and relationships that occur due to gender get socially defined and become learnt through the socialization process. Gender roles and characteristics depend on society and may change over time (Germon, 2009). Gender designs what becomes allowed, expected and valued of a woman or man in a certain setting. Gender is a social construction that arise from day to day social interactions. There are several aspects of gender which differentiate women from men in terms of their biology and roles. Biology Women are physically different from men. ...
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This paper aims at discussing the differentiation of women according to gender. It defines gender as roles constructed by society through the relationships of males and females. Gender helps define women through the assignment of certain tasks, which get viewed as feminine by the society. …
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