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As technologies progress and science-based approaches in finding evidences prior to decision making increase, some women experiencing monthly menstrual cycle are holding on to the hope of becoming finally free from the discomforts linked to menstruation. At last, it was found that menstruation can be controlled, and just like how the principle of taking a pregnancy pill works, women can also suppress the natural menstrual blood flow each month. However, there are prevailing concerns on this; especially on the issue of how “natural” is this approach prior to finally seeing women taking it into great account (Thomas & Ellertson, 2000, p.923). Concerning this, the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research (2007) argued that menstruation is not a disease; hence, it should not be suppressed to flow naturally in the woman’s healthy life. The medicalization of the menstrual cycle is both beneficial and might be destructive at some point. It is beneficial when the act itself is done in order to correct a defective menstrual cycle. However, if its primary aim is to suppress the natural menstrual cycle of a woman, then it is another story. The impact of medicalization of menstrual cycle on women’s sense of well-being is a great point to consider.
In the first place, it is natural for a woman to undergo a menstrual cycle each month. This is significantly true to almost all healthy with mature reproductive potential women or girls around the world. Suppressing it therefore does not make sense. Estrogen and progesterone hormones are essential actors for this phenomenon to take place. However, these hormones are also important for the proper functioning of a women’s physical body. In fact, the lack of these hormones leads to some women on their menopausal stage to experience various discomforts, physical, emotional and psychological (Love, 2000; Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, 2007).
Women are different from men. ...
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Include an analysis of the consequences of medicalization on women’s sense of well-being.
It has long been considered that menstruation is part of a…
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