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Pro Gay Marriage and Psychological Theories

In relation to security and physical safety needs, individuals are motivated by ability to take care of bodily needs and freedom from pain (Gambrel & Cianci, 2003). In this regard, the debate on gay marriage requires being objective by considering that all individuals have a right fulfilling their physical and security needs through freedom of sexual expression. The second level within Maslow’s theory of motivation postulates that individuals have needs of safety from psychological or physical harm. In relation to this, gay marriage is therefore a way in which people are freed from the any form of psychological discomfort that would emanate from lack of sexual expression. More significantly is the third level of Maslow’s motivation theory which describes the need to love and be loved (Gambrel & Cianci, 2003). Acceptance and respect are also elements of the Maslow’s motivation theory which are used to justify gay marriage. Perpetual organization theory ascribes relationships of various elements or features as being perceived in relation to the alternative relationships (Lachmann & Cees, 2007). This theory therefore reveals the cause of the divergent perceptions which the society has for gay marriage and the differences thereof. ...
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Pro Gay Marriage and Psychological Theories Name Name of Instructor Name of Institution Pro Gay Marriage and Psychological Theories Pro gay marriage and the debate which emanates from it can be described through theories in psychology and social behavior…
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