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Are people born Gay - Essay Example

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Are people born Gay

My thesis statement is that, people are born gay and cannot change their sexual orientation. This essay will focus on this debate and the views of different writers for, or against this view.
Approximately 2-5% of men are gay, and the statistics for women is half that of men. (Rahman & Wilson, 2003). The disparity here is explained by the fact that women are influenced by their culture as well as situations, unlike men.
Nathaniel Lehrman (2005) stated that even after years of study, there is no evidence of a gay gene. The votes to normalize homosexuality seem to suggest that it is an inborn trait, but to him, this vote is political and not scientific. It is in the late 1970s that the term orientation began to be used in place of the word preference. This change he states has led many people to think that homosexuality is innate.
The author sites examples of people who were previously engaged in gay relationships but had since stopped and are in stable relationships with the people of the opposite sex. Another explanation that he gives for his stand is that there is no clear description of what being gay is. Having attractions to the people of the same gender as you does not mean that you are gay. He uses this disparity to justify his belief that no one is born a homosexual.
Nathaniel argues that the tests that claim that there is DNA proof to show that there are gay genes falls short of significance. The fact that there is no clear evidence pointing to the possibility of gay genes makes it hard to prove the same.
According to research, some children who face maltreatment while younger become gay when they become adults. (Roberts & Koenen, 2013). Factors such as having a drunkard parent, parental mental illness and presence of a step-parent affect a child’s sexual orientation once they grow into adulthood. This study goes to show that there are other factors that may lead to one becoming gay, but the ...Show more


However, there are those people who get engrossed with people of similar gender as them. This type of sexual orientation over time has been used to discriminate…
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Are people born Gay essay example
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