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reconstructing gender

The concept of sexual schizophrenia has neutralized the demeaning male attitude towards women due to the female gender’s engagement in sports. Women are currently not viewed as objects of sexuality since they have gripped a stable position in the modern society by playing equal roles as their male counterparts. As a result, women are not only viewed as cheerleaders in sports but actual players in every sporting competition (Disch, 2008). Women tend to have different reactions towards the alleged male attitude towards sexuality. Most women in the youth age consider the male attitude towards them as an appraisal while those in the mature age find it diminishing. As a woman, Sabo’s description of male sexuality is true since women are viewed as stereotypes of the physical concept of sexuality.
Pornography is the overt presentation of sexual acts in films as well as printed material. Robert Jensen provides his life experience with pornography which explains how the porn industry reinforces and upholds the patriarchy. According to Jensen, women exist to provide their male counterparts with sexual excitement. This portrays that women are only used as sexual objects to promote arousing feeling in pornographic materials (Disch, 2008).
Robert Jensen argues that in most pornographic films upholds and reinforces the Patriarchy by the introduction of anal sex. In his argument, he explains the concept behind this act being men’s, revenge to women’s bitchy characters. This shows that the female role is overpowered by the male position in the society thus portraying patriarchy.
The introduction of multiple sexual partners also displays a sense of patriarchy as in most pornographic films; a man is given more than one woman to relate with sexually. This encourages polygamy in which is based on the male dominance according to the African society. Patriarchy promotes gender imbalance in the current ...
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Sabo describes the cruel male attitude towards women in which he focuses on his experience in the male’s locker room as an athlete. In the recent past, women were…
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