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( Please read and follow the instruction in the file that i upload ) The topic is in the file.

Furthermore, African American segment of the society and especially women belonged from the lower social strata due to which they had realized the significance of education. Thus, more and more women were trying to acquire a higher social status for themselves due to which more and more women started getting enrolled for school. On the other hand, white women belonged from a better off social status, thus, their focus towards education was slightly less than African American women, which also explains the statistics i.e. percentage of change in their participation in labor force isn`t as high as for African Americans. Thus, African American women in America have been engaged in the struggle to achieve a higher social status, for which they got enrolled for high-school to attain a higher status in the society so that they can compete with whites for better job opportunities.
To test this theory, data has been gathered to compare the enrollment rate for high-school for both Whites as well as for African Americans over time to see if the result complies with the potential explanation.
Quite strikingly, the college graduation rate for African American women is too high as compared to White women. This trend hasn’t been reflected in the participation statistics in labor force, however, to some extent it does comply with the theoretical explanation given above. As compared to the white women, the African American women show an increased rate of education attainment. This implies that the rate of change of employment must also increase. However, the rate of change for education attainment is too high to otherwise be reflected in the statistics mentioned for participation in labor.
Thus, the theoretical explanation for education being a major factor contributing to labor participation in women can`t be discredited. Evidence clearly point out to ...
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Since over time, women empowerment advocacy has been increased in the USA, thus, their participation has also increased. Back in 1980`s not many women were…
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