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Thus, it argues that there is no need of getting pregnant and later on procure abortions.
The point is, it all depends with the mother on whether to abort or not. Some mothers feel it is good to have children because this will bring them joy, health and respect too. On the hand, others feel it is better to end a just-begun life. According to Arcana (227) states that the idea of being able to make own decisions is very important and women who are able to bear children are valued.
Beargman (47) emphasizes on gender whereby some people always mistake a boy from a girl because of some features which they posses. According to Beargman (49), one might be inspired to know who exactly these people are; boys or girls. The idea of possessing these features is not new because such people are not in a position to reveal gender identity even though it is not pleasing to them.
Pascode (36) argues that, interracial marriage is unnatural and immoral. In this way, racism is promoted instead of being fought against. This point of interracial marriage is not persuasive since it argues that if interracial marriage is practiced, this will lead to same-sex marriage (Pascode 37). These types of marriages nowadays are not something surprising even though there are laws against this. One would be inspired to know the reasons behind these marriages.
Beargman (124) argues clearly that, those people with different features unlike their physical appearance might have some complications in their bodies and they are not willing to reveal their gender due to the fear of going through discrimination or suffering. The idea of hiding their gender is not persuasive because one might develop complex problems and die. It is not the wish of these people to be this way and therefore, they should be cared and valued just like any other human being (Beargman ...
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According to Bushnell (447) the article explains the argument between pro-life and pro-choice whereby the pro-life fight against abortion and the pro-choice say abortion should be legalized. The pro-life believe that fetus is a life while pro-choice believes that life begins in…
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