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Gender Narrative

That was the point when I began noticing that the society had different expectations for males and females. This was reinforced in different ways. With my parents ever warning me not to copy the behaviors of my twin brother, she kept emphasizing that I had to do things like a girl and not like a boy. Although I was well aware of the different expectations, I did not understand why such expectations existed. This means that the binary gender system began to influence my life long before I knew anything about it. This essay will describe my personal experience in a gendered world.
I have so many memories of my childhood. I remember when I was three years old, I developed a weird obsession for car toys. My mother did not approve of my growing interest in car toys. She kept insisting that only my brother was allowed to play with them. She encouraged me to keep playing with my baby dolls because that was the expected conduct of girls at that age. As I grew older, my mother would invite me to the kitchen to help her with the little chores I could handle. Rarely did she call my brother to the kitchen. I always wondered why my mother did not want my brother to participate in the kitchen activities. In the evenings when my father came home, my brother would spend time with him and they would occasionally watch football together. This explains why at the age of 10 years, I could comfortably wash utensils while my brother did not have any idea of how utensils are washed. At that age, I was interested in dressing like a boy. There were many times when my mother had to insist that I have to dress like a girl. My brother seemed to be very comfortable with meeting my mother’s expectations of him as a boy (Ember 34). At the age of 10, my brother literary felt older than me, although we were twins as mentioned above. Without doubt, he had begun to adopt the patriarchal thinking exhibited my many males in the society.
When we became adolescents, the differences between my ...
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It determines the socialization patterns as well as the expected moral conduct of both males and females. Once a child is born, he or she begins to experience the gender system from a tender age. This was…
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