Gender Oppression in Hollywood TV shows from 2000s-present - Annotated Bibliography Example

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Gender Oppression in Hollywood TV shows from 2000s-present

Here they carried out an analysis to find out more about gender inequality both on the screen and behind the camera. Their findings were as fascinating as they found out that cases of gender oppression are still on the rise in Hollywood. A part from having a considerably small representation in Hollywood, the females are treated with lots of prejudice-given feminine roles, made to be dependent on their male counterparts and can not assume leading roles in these films.
Indeed, this article can be of much value to me when conducting a research on the topic. It has a lot of important information which can help me to conduct my research. As these scholars state, gender inequality is still an issue in Hollywood. If properly analyzed, it can help me to understand the extent to which female oppression is practiced in Hollywood. Its findings capture diverse areas that will form part of my research by giving it a baseline for analysis.
This article was written by Chloe Beighley and Jeff Smith in 2013. It was aimed at studying the qualitative and quantitative disparities in gender representation in Hollywood shows produced in 2012. To do their research, these scholars opted do use a sample of 7 films from which they would analyze how the male and female genders have been appearing in these shows. After carrying out an extensive survey, they found out that gender oppression is a reality in Hollywood. It has been manifested in a large number of Hollywood shows. Despite occupying a passive position, the female characters are either given stereotypical roles or placed to be under men. In fact, they found out that only 12 shows had female leading characters. The rest of the 55 had men in dominant roles.
When conducting a research on Gender Oppression in Hollywood TV shows, I will have to include this article a one o the references. It has a lot of ...
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Smith, Marc Choueiti, Elizabeth Scofield, and Katherine Pieper ‘Gender Inequality in 500 Popular Films: Examining On-Screen Portrayals and Behind-the-Scenes Employment Patterns in Motion Pictures Released between 2007-2012.’ Annenberg School for Communication &…
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