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PH 91

To treat this STI one of the best methods is to apply topical steroid ointments. A third STI that an individual can experience is the sexually transferred gastrointestinal disease especially in the genetalian and the symptom of this infection may include irritation of the region called colonic mucosa and the treatment of this STI is similar to the treatment of genital herpes. A fourth STI is Kaposi sarcoma and the symptom of this disease is the development of cuts on the skin that do not pose a threat to life. They are treated with radiation method of treatment. Developing any STI will make me feel depressed and I will feel that my life is under the danger of death. In order to secure oneself from STIs I would take precautionary measures such as contraceptives including condoms.
There are various causes that can result in male experiencing sexual issues. These causes include both physical issues as well as psychological issues. The physical caused that may result in dysfunction includes diabetes as well as drug abuse and the psychological causes may include stressful life due to work and personal life issues. In order to treat male sexual issues can be treated through drugs and these drugs are used to treat the physical issues that are causing sexual problems.
The physical causes of sexual issues experienced by the female includes diabetes, discrepancies of the hormones, substance abuse such as excessive and addictive alcohol drinking behavior and women may even experience these issues as a result of stress in the work and personal lives. To treat these issues those physical issues should be treated with the help of medicine that are causing these issues. Furthermore, providing females with education regarding their anatomy can help them overcome stress.
The work of the sex therapist includes the identification as well as the analysis of the sexual issues ...
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Sexually transmitted infections are quite amongst the population that is recognized as the youth of the society and they are especially quite common amongst those who age 12 years old and above. The most common STIs experienced by this age groups includes genital herpes and the…
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