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Contraception and Abortion

Furthermore, these women experience about 450 menstrual cycles as contrasted to the estimated 160 during historic times, characterised by prolonged lactational amenorrhoea and repeated births (Rowlands, 2007). Further compounded by smaller families, men and women have shown greater interest in their reproductive lives.Thus, enlightenment on human sexuality issues on contraception and abortion would benefit decision-making with this regard.
Contraception refers to the prevention of egg-sperm union, also defined as the prevention of ovulation. This involves the application of some physical intervention to prevent a new individual from being created (Golanty & Edlin, 2012). Indeed, there are a number of methods used to bar conception, thus considered as contraceptives or conception controllers. Condoms are commonly used, with those made from polyurethane gaining more popularity to those made of latex because of being odourless, easy to don, it transmits heat and is non-allergic despite a poor breakage history. Though gradually facing out, spermicide nonoxinol-9 has also been in use for long. The pills, now in use for about 4 decades, revolutionised contraception to a great extent, becoming the most popular form of contraception. Other forms of contraceptives include injections and implants. Not even the hormonal products that came into the market later changed this. Even though these contraceptives are easily available in pharmacies, unwanted pregnancies are still rampant.
In the 1970s, a new concept referred to as emergency contraception was introduced. This involves the use of hormones after sex. In a majority of countries, including the UK and US, they are available over-the-counter (Rowlands, 2007). Golanty and Edlin (2012) cite progestin-only pills as another approach to emergency contraception. The development of emergency contraceptives should have reduced the use of regular contraceptives and curb on abortions. However, Rowlands (2007) ...
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Infections and pregnancy are notable consequences of sex (Rowlands, 2007). To some extent, contraception and abortion provide the solution to these…
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