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reflaction paper

The thesis is persuasive and makes me inspired about the need to monitor multinational businesses. The new idea is that local irrespective of the social class has a voice that needs to be listened to when making critical decisions in the organization. I got sick by inhaling poisonous gasses that were being emitted by a certain manufacturing company. This experience makes me understand the article.
Environmental policies have a direct impact on our lives. The main point is that the environments that people are living in have a direct impact on their health and their sustainable future. For instance people who are not educated and living in poor areas are likely to be affected by diseases. I think the thesis has expounded effectively on the need to live in a healthy environment and seek more education in order to live a sustainable life. The thesis is persuasive because it highlights the major aspects that affect the current population. The new idea to me in this article is that women’s education has an impact on the number of children they conceive. Having dealt with children from lower social class makes me understand the article better.
Physical environment has a major impact on women lives. Women living in better environment have access to information, an aspect that makes them live a better and healthy life. I think the success of women in the society depends largely on their place of residence. The main point is persuasive and provides information on the current disparity among women in the society. This is not a new idea because women who are brought in well up families have access to basic education, health care, and exposure, an aspect that makes their future to be brighter. Having friends from higher and lower social class makes me understand the article better.
The identity of a mother defines that of a child. The main point is that the character of the children is nurtured by their mothers. This thesis is not persuasive. ...
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The main point of this article is that Coca-Cola should have considered the interests of the local population while planning its expansion. Extracting of more water from the ground brought conflict…
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