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a plausible scientific explanation accounting for the development of diverse sexual orientations in humans.

It is therefore a subject that has elicited a lot of debate and controversies, especially with the numerous scientific researches that has been done by the different scientists. Scholars have also attempted to come up with theories all in an effort to justify their ideas and explanations. So at the end of the paper we should be in a position to appreciate whether “Gay, straight and the reason why” by LeVay, S. (2010) offer answers to the origin and existence of homosexuality.
LeVay did a study of the brain to ascertain the cause and the differences in the sexual orientation of the different people and had some interesting reports and facts to present (LeVay &Valente, 2006). The main focus of his study was the brain of the males who were gay and the men who were straight. His study was based on the fact that a part of the hypothalamus section of the brain of the males and the females is always different in size due to their differences in sex (LeVay &Valente, 2006). He therefore wanted to see if this part of the brain had any differences for the men who were straight and the men who were gay. He therefore studied several samples of the brain tissue collected from the men who had passed on and used this to do his studies (LeVay &Valente, 2006).
Although his conclusion proved that there was quite a significant amount of difference, other people against his line of through felt that this was because his study was purely focused on the men who had died of the AIDS complications among other sexually transmitted diseases (LeVay &Valente, 2006). However, this was not entirely true as he used also the tissues of the people whose death was from other causes while others who died but in perfectly good health. This is why he later on noted that other research done after he also proved that he was right that there was a difference in the brain, especially the particular section of ...
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Although met initially with resistance the society is gradually accepting that the homosexuals are a part of our society and are not going anywhere. Diversity in sexual…
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