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Issues in Womens Health

The advantages of hormone therapy are dictated, in part, by the mode of administering the medicines: whether it is systemic or low-dose use of estrogen. On the one hand, systemic hormone therapy pills containing estrogen, vaginal gel, balm or spray, and skin patch continues to be the most appropriate treatment for symptomatic hot flashes and over-sweating at night among women who have reached menopause (Kaygusuz, Simavli, Eser, Inegöl, Yüksel, Iltemir, Zehra, & Kafali, 2014). Estrogen hormones can also treat vaginal complications that come with menopause, such as desiccation, irritating or burning during intercourse.
On the other hand, low-dose vaginal medicines of estrogen, coming in the form of cream, pills or a ring can properly control vaginal symptoms and a number of urinary complications, while limiting body absorption. Low-dose vaginal medications do not prevent hot flashes, osteoporosis or night sweats. Long-term use of systemic hormone therapy for the inhibition of postmenopausal complications is no longer regularly advisable. But some research findings show that estrogen reduces the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases when administered early in menopause (Kaygusuz et al, 2014).
For cases of early menopause in women, estrogen is essentially prescribed together with progesterone-rich medications. The need to balance estrogen concentration levels with progesterone is because the former hormone alone can stimulate the thickening of the uterine walls, thus increase the prevalence of cancer of the uterus (Kaygusuz et al, 2014). Any woman whose uterus has been removed does not need to take hormone replacement therapy, because it would be meaningless.
Despite the advantages of hormone replacement therapy, it carries with it several risks. The use of estrogen-progestin drugs in known to soar the prevalence of certain grave complications, including: cardiovascular diseases, stroke, breast cancer, and blood clots ...
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Specifically, HRT involves administering medications which are rich in female hormones to substitute the natural ones whose production no longer takes place…
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