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Female Bisexuality

An article in the New York Times discussed the concept of attraction as it relates to women. According to the article women were not as stimulated by the sight of men without clothes as women. Sensuality is more relevant to sexual arousal than is gender. What women find erotic is not based on the male nude form but the sensuality of the subject matter. Scientists have discussed the nature of attraction for women and have connected it to bisexuality in women. Researcher Meredith Chivers states that for women who are heterosexual “looking at a naked man walking on the beach is about as exciting as looking at landscapes.” Proving this point, she showed participants in her study landscapes of the Himalayas and naked men doing yoga or tossing stones in the ocean. Both sets of footage had the same response, but women doing calisthenics in the nude increased blood flow at a significant rate.
The discussion in the article sought to explain how bisexual behavior has become a more common experience in female interactions. Newman (2008) writes that “Dr. Chivers’ work adds to a growing body of scientific evidence that places female sexuality along a continuum between heterosexuality and homosexuality, rather than as an either-or phenomenon”. Josephine Decker who directed a documentary called “Bi the Way” about the frequency of bisexual behavior in women states that women are more fluid in their sexuality. In contrast, when men who were identifying themselves as bisexual were given the same type of test by Dr. Chivers it was determined that they were more attracted to naked men than women. ...
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Lisa M. Diamond conducted a ten year longitudinal study in which she explored the nature of female bisexuality and the identification of sexuality as it changed in affiliation and identification over time. …
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