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Current Issue Analysis

And today, according to the official terminology, Indian women continue to belong to the so-called weak groups.
In my opinion such misunderstanding of the role of feminism and the importance of the defending of women’s rights takes place because of the lack of support from men’s and boys’ side. Emma Watson, who after she grew up, became not just a “Harry Potter Girl” but also UN Women Goodwill Ambassador at the HeForShe Campaign 2014 paid attention that fighting for women’s rights too often comes synonymous to men hating. And this has to stop. It is a real problem that women are choosing not to identify themselves as feminists. It is right to make possible for women to make decisions about own body. Women should be afforded the same respect as men. But there is no country in the world, where women may be sure they would receive these rights (Watson, 2014).
Some days ago the Dailymail has published some shocking videos of the women being gang raped. The most awful is that the men caught on camera were smiling while carrying out the alleged attacks. And now this movement called #shametherapistcampaign fights against repeated incidents of extreme sexual violence towards Indian women. Sunitha Krishnan through her organisation Prajwala India, a womens rights NGO based in Hyderabad, India released the videos and images of the alleged attackers and in such way her #shametherapistcampaign was born. She got those videos from a concerned man, who “forwarded her the videos after they were sent to him on the messaging service WhatsApp”. After the campaign was launched on Indian national television, somebody tried to intimidate Mrs Krishnan by throwing rocks into the window of her vehicle (Charlton, 2015).
Thus the issue of defending women rights is particularly important for Indian women. They are discriminated from infancy or even earlier, and I can prove this statement with lots of examples. In ...
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It is a socio-political movement which goal is to provide with social rights all women who were discriminated on grounds of sex, race, age, ethnicity, social status…
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