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In the past years, women were excluded from important activities in the society and, therefore, were denied the ownership of certain rights such as the right to expression, participation, and education among others. Although women had the power to change the situation, they did not have the courage to exercise this power. Every woman has an erotic resource lying deep within them and the spiritual plane. This resource is rooted in the power of their unrecognized or unexpressed feeling. However, in order to perpetuate the resource, various male models of power that bring oppression must be distorted. This is because oppression suppresses the erotic resource of the women making them powerless in the society (Allen 166).
Men have made women to believe that it is only the suppression of the women’s erotic resource, within their lives, that can truly make them strong. However, that belief is illusory because it is framed by the male models of power which only aims at taking the advantage of female existence. However, through gynocentric feminism approach, women have come to distrust the male models of power. They have discovered the potentials and possibilities that lie within themselves. Their erotic resource offers a provocative and replenishing force to a woman (Ptacek 12). It is a source of information and power that can help them to explore the world. It is also a measure between the beginning of a woman’s sense of self and the pandemonium of their strongest feelings. In addition, it is “an internal sense of satisfaction” where once a woman has experienced it, she gets to aspire. Furthermore, this measure can be well understood by observing the current public housekeeping of the modern cities in America. The city departments, controlled by men, have snatched women, their responsibility as housekeepers. This has affected their sense of self and they no longer aspire to carry out their responsibilities as housekeepers. Right from ...
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Feminism emerged after a close examination of the inequalities that existed between sexes. It, therefore, aimed at achieving balance in areas concerning…
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