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This is because it is clear to know what exactly the artist wanted to communicate. Specifically, the feminine beauty is portrayed in the artwork.
With respect to course materials, this image represents an issuer that has been heavily contested. This is because while some women may state that they choose to beautify themselves to show feminine supremacy while some activists claim that it is a measure of inequality. As per the activist’s arguments, the ideas of beautification are socially demanded. Here, if women do not beautify themselves, the society may view them as out of place or even avoid them; a negative thing that is directly related to beauty. Whether the mode of beautification is self-chosen or influenced by others, it would still serve the purpose of beautification, which is to advance its role in sexual inequality. Subjectivity is a crucial issue when discussing feminine beauty. This clearly relates to the male centric society of the contemporary world. Beautification may be the main issue behind excluding women from benefiting fully from personhood. From a different perspective, it could function positively by improving the woman’s self-esteem. In addition, the society refers to the most attractive people more often and the same individuals experience pleasant sexual interactions more than the unattractive (Sanders 221).
Beautification, through some practices such as the everyday cosmetic practices that women engage in before appearing in the public, affects the social existence of the feminine population negatively. This is because the importance of beauty comes to the forefront of all other activities when women are concerned. This affects the amount of time available for women to function in the society in pursuit of realizing equality from the perspectives of both economic and political. This is because the women are too busy dealing with beauty and abandoning other important aspects such as equality.
It has also been argued ...
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From the artwork, it is easy to deduce that the image is portraying an aspect that is unique to the feminine population. This is beauty. The eye from the image has been beautified through painting various beatification agents. This can be deduced…
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