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The legacy of feminism laid a very positive impact on the lives of women around the globe. Awareness campaign started in all the major countries and most of its impact was observed in developed countries such as Canada, Australia, USA, UK etc. However men were not given proper time by the so called feminist women. In the name of moderation, women were not able to sexually satisfy men. Thus the sexual health of men went down by the passage of time and they were not able to satisfy their wants after hectic day at work. A large community of men faced this problem. This was a big dilemma for all the men living in developed countries. Eventually this gave rise to antifeminist and men rights protection movements. These movements never got an overwhelming reception but still the issue was highlighted on different forums. Critique & Arguments A strong set of arguments can be found at both ends. (Roosh) is of the view point that feminism has made women out of their minds. They are trying to enjoy every fruit of life just because their rights were violated previously. The justification made by these women is unacceptable and illogical. They want to grab all the societal benefits and bring the best out of everything. ...
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[Professor Name] [Course Number] [Professor Name] [Date] Impact of feminism on men sexual health Introduction Maintaining a sound soul and body is the focus of human beings. The debate of feminism has taken the society to a next level. The movements of feminism have ultimately reached high goals and have declared women victorious but it doesn’t mean that violation of men’s right should be done by the women…
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