Poverty and Poor Health Conditions in Africa - Essay Example

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Poverty and Poor Health Conditions in Africa

This trend is global but it is more rampant in Africa and other third world countries.
The increment of poverty in Africa goes hand in hand with poor health conditions where Africans suffer and die from various diseases due to lack of better health care, illiteracy, poor living conditions, poor sanitation and low income. The main objective of this research project is to tackle the influence of poverty on poor health conditions in Africa.
This project will review international researches to identify the extent Africa is affected by Tuberculosis, HIV/aids, Malnutrition and Lack of Vaccinations due to its poverty. By analyzing, the data of the affected Africans and their links to poverty the research will discuss the way forward for the African continent to limit these poor health conditions. In addition to that, this research will explore ways to improve the development of better health conditions.
Kofi Annan, who is a former UN Secretary General while addressing the 2001 World Health Assembly identified the biggest enemy of health in Africa and other developing world as poverty. He claimed that poverty makes people live in a polluted environment that comprises of poor sanitation, inadequate clean water and poor housing that increase slums in Africa. The poor living conditions are responsible for the spread of tuberculosis due to overcrowding and polluted atmosphere. In the assembly, he stated that poverty leads to hunger, that makes the poor vulnerable to diseases (World Development Indicators, 2001).
The rising poverty level in Africa and the widening gap between the rich and the poor has led to the increment of TB, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS. Past research in South Africa, which is a middle economic country, proves the truth in Annan’s statement as it shows that although the country is one of the richest in Africa, most people in the country live below the poverty line. More than 52% of the citizens live below the poverty line, thus has to live ...
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More than 30% of the world’s poorest population is based in Africa due to various reasons (World Development Indicators, 2001). International organizations have identified various reasons for the increasing gap between…
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