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LGBTQ blog post

The plight of homosexuals has continued to roll over the decades and even the 21st century is seemingly no different.
The social stigmatization that homosexuals receive in the contemporary society cannot be overlooked. Immediately one is identified as a gay or lesbian that becomes the genesis of their stigmatization. Many people even in the countries that boast of being developed still view lesbians and gays as malevolent and a lot of dereliction is directed to them. Different people have postulated unfounded opinions and judgments concerning homosexuality. Some think it is a developmental problem that has psychological contributions. Others have had several questions unanswered concerning the issue of homosexuality. “…..what factors contributed to its purported prevalence? Was it a holdover of primitive instincts usually found only in ‘uncivilized’ groups? Or was it an effect of modern life?’’ (Kaufman and Terry 27). These demonstrate how much people have pondered about the issue which has resulted into faulty perceptions about the gay and lesbian people as well as the transgender. With different persons coming up with diverse explanations, stigma and disgrace has been the order of the day in the homosexual world.
As reported in the International Journal of Sexual Studies, gay parents are more susceptible to stigmatization. The outcome of this empirical study conducted to determine the extent of social stigmatization of the gay parents revealed much more that what had been hypothesized. People tend to look at the gay parents as ‘undeserving’ parents who are misleading examples to the society. It is not any news to hear that some countries have declared homosexuality illegal and that those found oriented to this sexual bearing should be sentenced to death. Uganda is one of the countries that surprised the world by its coarse laws ...
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Gayism and lesbianism have continuously received divergent opinions with some supporting it while others strongly opposing it. The most unfortunate thing is…
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