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Human Sexuality/Love/Relationships in Todays Culture

Additionally, human sexuality manifests itself by way of biological, physical, emotional, spiritual aspect. Gender and sexuality are a key societal issue that cannot be underestimated.
The article on human sexuality and family life highlights the various ways in which the human sexuality affects the family at large. Additionally, it talks widely on the roles and responsibilities of family in ensuring that sexuality and relationships impact positively on the society. On a wider scope, the article highlights the essence of abstaining in to avoid the spread of HIV/AIDS. Moreover, those in relationships get the chance to get free advice on the importance of using protection during sexual intercourse as this helps to prevent sexually transmitted infections (Lopiccolo, 2015). The article’s topic highlights the vitality of health education, friendships, and relationships. The article concludes by giving the impacts of human sexuality based on today’s culture. Identifying demographic and attitudinal young adult’s safer sex self-efficacy by Jonathan and Taylor is an article that on a larger highlights the importance of practicing safer sex. Based on statistics from the book, the female gender applies safer sex methods compared to the male gender. Additionally, the articles explains the impact of sexually transmitted infections in the society and how many relationships end up in tatters due to lack of proper information and knowledge on the vitality of safer health methods (Jamison, 2015). Moreover, the article explains how sexual attitude affects an individual’s human sexuality in one way or the other. In conjunction with the sexual attitude, values also play a role in sexuality. Good morals lead to lower cases of disease transmission while lack values lead to poor practices leading to spread of diseases in the society.
The two articles highlights several contents that resemble a large extent. Moreover, these articles ...Show more


Sexual orientation of the individual may influence attraction to the other person. Human sexuality may be experienced in a number of ways including thoughts, attitude, values, roles and…
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Human Sexuality/Love/Relationships in Todays Culture essay example
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