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family study

Because I think it is more effective to understand the otherness of two groups, knowing how to adapt us in a better way. In addition, we should aspire to multiculturalism because the society could be more splendid and interesting with more diversity and we could know more about different cultures.
    When I came to America, I met a lot of great friends here. Mike is an ABC (American Born in China) boy, his father is from Chinese and his mother is an American. I heard about some interesting thing in his family. He thought his family is very special with two total opposite cultures. The advantages are he could speak both two languages though he could not write down the Chinese letters. In addition, he learned two different cultures and use two thinking model to look upon things. However, this structure of family also influence him and there are some disadvantages, such as his parents always have a culture clash and have different attitudes when they face the same thing. He told me that sometimes he felt very confused about his parents’ thinking and had no idea which one was better.
    To my surprise, the research shows there is no difference in developmental outcomes when children rose by same-sex couples. I thought they would have higher gay trends due to the influence of their parents, but it was actually my bias. However, comparing with children who grow up in heterosexual families, children who are from gay couples families are treated differently. They have less rights and unfair treatments in the society today, such as they have no rights to visit parents in hospital or do not have spousal health insurance coverage. The most important thing is, children from gay family might live in the environment with societal stigma, which could cause mental harm to them.
Response: I agree with what is researched and mentioned in the article. The reason behind my agreement is ...
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  In the United States, the major family structure based on a narrow, white, middle-class image. There are also some other types of family, such as immigration family, lesbian family, gay family, or single parent family. These families grow larger and further than before,…
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