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Sexual Jihad and gender issue

The practice has raised eyebrows and worldwide concern when it was alleged cases of women and young girls trafficking were reported. In this case, women and other young girls are forcefully captured and held as captives for sexual Jihad notoriously propagated by the Tunisian women.
It stresses on some of the major sins that are condemned by the Islamic religion. One of them is adultery. It is considered one of the greatest sins in the eyes of Islam. Thus anyone who commits this sin is said to have done a grievous deed and therefore he or she must be punished for the sin committed. This becomes even worse when the girls or women who are used in the performance or propagation of this sin are trafficked and forced into the acts (Rashid, 2000).
Adultery is strongly condemned in the Muslim faith since it is regarded as an evil that breeds other evils in the society. This is indicated in the words of Allah in the Quran, which states that “Do not go near to adultery. Surely it is a shameful deed and evil, opening roads (to other evils).” (17:32).
It is an indication that regardless of the gender, Muslims must refrain from adultery which is regarded as the most evil and shameless deed. In addition, besides the evil in itself, adultery is also shunned because it also breeds other forms of evil in the society. In this case of the jihadists, adultery creates the need to traffic women and young girls in an unlawful manner. Therefore, it acts as a start of the circle of more new evils. In addition, although the Quran acknowledges the act of slavery, it prohibits trafficking of girls and women and in particular does not condone any sexual relations with the abducted girls. In this sense, the Tunisian women who are involved in these activities greatly go against the Islamic laws and are eligible for punishment (Kassam, 2010).
Jihadists all over the world have been portrayed to execute worse forms of the Islamic ...
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Although the Holy Scriptures term this act as prohibitive and shameful, it is still done in the open and in the form of trespass by the…
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