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Consequently, their action may be misguided. I concur with the conclusion that love is not for amateurs. Love certainly needs persons who can differentiate it and react accordingly. It is easy for young people to confuse infatuation and romantic love. They may end up acting in an irresponsible manner in order to attract whoever they think they are in love with. The information on love is well stipulated, highlighting the different types so that people can distinguish the love they feel based on their circumstances. From this differentiation, there is no doubt that communication, being bi-lingual and avoiding the temptation to “mind-read” promotes healthy relationships. I find it particularly important for people with related feelings to communicate about it so as to avoid desperate or inappropriate ways to show it. I affirm that sex is mainly the activity taken up by many people who hope to show they love someone romantically.
The adolescents stage present major difficulties to parents and educators as there are so many changes that occur in the adolescents. There is prevalent emotional instability among the adolescents. Embarking to educate them about their sexuality, the changes that they are likely to undergo and appropriate actions to take are of sheer importance. It is important that they learn about their bodies and learn to appreciate themselves the way they are. I firmly hold that a high self-esteem among the teenagers is one way to avoid participating in irresponsible sexual activities or poor social development. Certainly, the education can help them to know that sex is never a way to show love. Adolescent girls need to know this so as to avoid early pregnancies or contacting diseases that may jeopardize their futures.
I agree with the deduction that parents are the chief sex educators for their children. They need to provide their children with information about their sexuality. Additionally, the fact that early experiences, attitudes, ...
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Insights on the subject bear a significant influence on their lives. Consequently, they can understand their bodies, identify the myths and develop good…
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