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Abortion Should Be A Womans Choice - Essay Example

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Abortion Should Be A Womans Choice

This substantially includes fighting for the women’s freedom to choose; especially those they think may be the best options for them in consideration of some circumstances or factors.
This blog includes some social issues that could influence the choice for abortion as an alternative course of action among women. In particular, the proponent tries to establish the point that these issues are influential prior to the actual decisions of women to go for abortion or any other relevant means.
In addition, this blog will serve as a way of information dissemination without showing any partiality, but just to demonstrate the reality why some women may probably result to abortion as a course of action.
The problem
Abortion is a controversial social issue because it does not only include subjects about the law, but directly concerns women’s health. This is a social issue that needs to be addressed because it deals with life. Concerning this, people have varying point of views, creating a need to establish or draw the line of understanding. The variation of points on abortion could stand as an ultimate problem because its existence could possibly lead to varied concerns and ideas. This would then raise a remarkable point whether abortion is part of the woman’s choice. However, such a choice must be backed up with relevant justifications and this is where the point of the proposed blog sets in.
Discussion of activity A blog, which is attached in this article, could be a remarkable way to address some problems associated with abortion and the women’s choice to go for it. This blog disregards the associated personal belief about abortion, the issues of violence and illegality. In the following section is the proponent’s reflection on abortion, including some point of views that could be the bases of the course of actions or the kind of choices women should initiate concerning abortion as their personal choice. The proponent chose to use a blog because it is a remarkable opportunity not only to educate everyone, but could show the readers some perspectives that need substantial considerations prior to the actual choices or alternative course of actions concerning abortion and women’s choice to go for it. The creation of this blog relates to class materials because of the following reasons. First, this blogging activity concerns the studies about women particularly on their specific and probable response to some issues. For instance, part of the issues concerning feminism is the idea about single parenting, by which a woman could raise a child by herself, an activity that has been proven by time (Shaw and Lee 31). Women nowadays could eventually do their own way to raise a family with the existence of single parents. However, this activity requires financial considerations. Women who are single parents have to shoulder everything all by themselves and they have to face the need to address health concerns that at some point would require consideration of financial matters in great detail. Second, this blogging activity tries to point out the idea that women need to be given the chance to decide what they might think good for them based on some existing situations. This is a highly political issue because this concept has long been discussed in relation to the idea about feminism. Feminist politics for instance has become a controversial point and so the issue about abortion as a personal choice among women has become a significant component of this concern (Shaw and Lee 34). Third, this blogging activity also deals with the issue of health and poverty which have been part of the women’s life and their actual choice about abortion. This point remarkably considers the above two points, ...Show more


The proponent chooses to publish a blog concerning abortion and the women’s choice of initiating it. The blog proposes the idea concerning abortion as a woman’s choice as part of what feminists are fighting for. …
Author : kjacobs
Abortion Should Be A Womans Choice essay example
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