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Abortion Should Be A Womans Choice

This substantially includes fighting for the women’s freedom to choose; especially those they think may be the best options for them in consideration of some circumstances or factors.
This blog includes some social issues that could influence the choice for abortion as an alternative course of action among women. In particular, the proponent tries to establish the point that these issues are influential prior to the actual decisions of women to go for abortion or any other relevant means.
In addition, this blog will serve as a way of information dissemination without showing any partiality, but just to demonstrate the reality why some women may probably result to abortion as a course of action.
The problem
Abortion is a controversial social issue because it does not only include subjects about the law, but directly concerns women’s health. This is a social issue that needs to be addressed because it deals with life. Concerning this, people have varying point of views, creating a need to establish or draw the line of understanding. The variation of points on abortion could stand as an ultimate problem because its existence could possibly lead to varied concerns and ideas. This would then raise a remarkable point whether abortion is part of the woman’s choice. However, such a choice must be backed up with relevant justifications and this is where the point of the proposed blog sets in. ...
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The proponent chooses to publish a blog concerning abortion and the women’s choice of initiating it. The blog proposes the idea concerning abortion as a woman’s choice as part of what feminists are fighting for. …
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