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Gender socialization influences our lives in a multitude of ways

Through globalization, these expectations are becoming synchronized with education becoming a common denominator and the earlier male chauvinism edging out to pave way for a new generation where each gender is believed to have equal chances in the society.
According to Shedko (n.d.), gender roles are defined as a set of behavioral norms which are associated with males and females in a given society (p. 82). To understand gender roles, we must evaluate the three types of societies that are found in the current world which include the traditional society, modern society and the cross-cultural society. Gender roles involves a complex process that involves a sequence of norms, social rules and other values that are attached with that gender. Deviation from the same has serious consequences especially in the traditionally set societies. The models of gender role that have been developed to help understand the topic include the total role segregation model and the model of total integration of roles.
Gender socialization on the other hand involves the gradual process of learning the behavior and attitudes that are considered appropriate for a given sex. However, it is important to note that the behaviors and attitudes are not fixed and they may be varying from one society to the other. The expectations that are tied to the given behaviors keep on changing. Considering the research that has been done on the topic, the people interviewed express their view that the two genders should have different gender roles. On top of that, they feel that the two should be treated differently. This is a common experience in many societies where the boys and the girls will even have different rooms that are equipped differently and the boys are accorded different duties and responsibilities compared to the ones that are given to the girls. Gender stereotypes are created in this manner. This ...
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The roles of each gender and the way they relate to each other is also a factor of the contemporary society that is in reference. In this paper, the issue of gender identity shall be explored exploring how the…
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