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Feminist theory embraced in totality the concept of the distinction between the concept of biological sex and the socio-cultural construct of gender. In the current conservative societal systems, the gender-biological sex distinction is strictly followed in specific contexts, especially the documents written by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the social sciences. Put differently in other contexts, including social science areas, gender is the basic inclusion of sexuality, or it replaces sexuality. Although the change in gender meaning is overly traced in the 1980s, a meager acceleration of gender context in the scientific field was liberally observed in 1993 in the United States. This is the period in which USA’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began using the terminology gender instead of sex. Therefore, gender was reversely used during this period as a sexual view of individuals or as a person’s self-assessment and self-representation as male or female. This paper, therefore, describes how individual social role players construct gender in a culture other than the ordinarily known cultures.
Natural languages often make up all the gender distinctions. Gender relation and language may be of various kinds. Gender and language distinctions socially are more or less loosely associated with analogies of either perceived or actual differences between men and women. Some grammatical gender issues go far much beyond or totally ignore the masculine-feminine distinctions. In the explanation of gender and languages, the following are the key and elementary attributes of gender as a cultural construction concept. Firstly, languages include the terminologies used unequally while referring to men and women (Jowett, 2005). The conservative societal concern that the current language structures may be biased in favor of only ...
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In relation to gender context, masculinity and femininity characteristics may include biological sex (that is the state of being female, male or…
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