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Film Analysis

that men have dominated in the society, thus leaving women to struggle on their own poverty.Multiracial aspect is also evident and this brings the problem of dominance of men who are in power. Cultural analytical frameworks employed really undervalue womanspreference such that inequality practices are facilitated.
In this film, the aspect of hustling backwards is evident from the manner in which the characters concerned are struggling to make ends meet. This is as a result of the low wages that they earn as they try to uplift their families from poverty. In some instances, single mothershad found it hard to raise their children alone after an experience of a painful divorce, example, Mary Venittelli who was divorced by her husband.Women have limited access to government benefits such as the medical benefits and reliable salaries from their jobs. The women in the film experience hardships on matters related with medication as they struggle to pay for such services. These women have proven tobe very hardworking,to extend their work for more than one job and yet they cannot earn a wage that can be sufficient to uplift their families from poverty level.
Barbara Brooks is featured in the film as a presentation of women who are facing a force of income inequality asit escalates to the social fabric of the country.The film highlights how the rich people continue to be richer and the poor becomes poorer as days go by (Weisberg, 2006). The women have found housing cost to be very high such that they cannot pay it comfortably. For instance, one of the women works as a maid with a house cleaning service,a waitress, a hotel housekeeper, a nursing home maid, and as a Wal-Mart associate, yet she cannot make enough money to cater to her needs. The film talks of the issue of rent that has become a challenge for many women evident through Jean Reynolds a 55year old who paid hospital bills but lacked finances to pay for rent only to be evicted from the house.The force of income ...
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The concept of capitalist patriarchy tomale dominance is highly evident where they seize treasures leading to high exploitation of women who are…
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