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gay and lesbian culture in the US and China

On the other hand, there are strict rules and regulations regarding these cultures in the Asian regions. This writing will discuss the gay and lesbian culture practiced in US and China and how these practices may differ or relate to each other. Body Same sex sexual relationship was legalized in the region of Hong Kong during 1991, before this period same sex sexual matters were considered illegal when the British colonies ruled this region (Lilley 309). During 2005 same sex sexual relation was allowed at the age of 16 but for males this kind of relationship was only legal when they reached the age of 21. During the period of 2005, this kind of legal variation was considered as violating equal rights and this law was abolished. During the period of 1990s, this kind of relationship was considered as deviant act by psychologists and law enforcement agencies in China. The Psychiatric association of China had labeled this kind of activity as a cognitive disorder and those who were involved in same sex sexual relationship were tried in accordance to the hooligan law (Sang 320). During the period of 1997, the hooligan law came to an end and during 2001 the association even removed this kind of activity from its list of cognitive disorder (Weston 232). ...
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Gay and Lesbian Culture In US and China Introduction Gay and Lesbian cultures are experienced throughout the world and these cultures are subcategory of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer) culture…
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