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A Feminist View of Auburns Proof

A Feminist View of Auburn’s “Proof”

Written by a male writer, the play succeeds in empowering women as it shows ideal qualities of a female character; however, it contains biases against a female Bildungsroman character. Born and educated in the modern times, David Auburn may purposely write what is pleasing to the feminist population but certain aspects of his play, especially characterization, still reflect biases against women. According to Hohne and Wussow, the task of the feminist literary critic is not just to point out ways in which the female figure is misrepresented in a piece of literature. Rather, the modern feminist critic is concerned with “inconsistencies that are often obscured by a self-censoring phallocentric text” (152). Therefore, the tasks of this paper are to analyze the play “Proof” to see if there are misrepresentations done and to illustrate non-feminist elements that may not be intended by the writer but are reflective of discrimination that the present society holds against women. The play explores characterization of the protagonist to emphasize the theme of Bildungsroman. According to Rau in the web site of Literary Encyclopedia, the theme of Bildungsroman started in Germany in the latter half of 18th century. This theme shows the actual or metaphorical journey of a character from youth to maturity. In the play, Catherine, being the protagonist, undergoes the journey or development from being self-conscious to welcoming change brought about by falling in love. She is the daughter of Robert, a former mathematician who recently died after suffering from mental disturbance for some years. ...
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The best of contemporary literature contain the most daring feminist ideas. Alice Walker’s “The Color Purple,” Charlotte Bronte’s “Jane Eyre” and even Stephenie Meyer’s newly released sequel of Twilight, “Breaking Dawn” speak of the power of the woman to be the best that she can be and to realize her dream using her intellectual ability…
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