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Should Gay Marriages Be Legalized Persuasive

In America there are over three million gay people living as couples who are supporting close to 9 million children, as such it would be unjust for people to outcast them misguided perceptions and views. Gay marriages rights should be enforced considering gay people are born gay, they adopt children who would have been in problems despite their failure to procreate failing to prolong the human race. Gay marriages should be legalized considering that every citizen in America has the liberty of choice and ones choices should not be curtailed because of the long held traditions. This is because homosexuals are same as heterosexual people only that they possess gay genes as recently found by medical researchers (LeVay). Therefore, it is not gays or lesbians choice to be so, it is only that they are naturally gays and we should respect them as they are as part of our society. In this case, considering these people do not choose to be in gay marriages but nature has forced them to be in them we should respect their gay marriage choices. ...Show more


In the modern age, marriage institution has drastically changed from the traditional marriage involving members of opposite sex to involving gay marriages. This has sparked controversial views opposing and supporting the legalization of gay marriages…
Author : hailey03
Should Gay Marriages Be Legalized Persuasive Essay essay example
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