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Teaching masculinity

This paper caters to the question of development of masculinity in young boys through the system of education, and discusses how the concept of gender shapes the existing pedagogy and the democracy of the country. Nature of masculinity The social position of women has been a debatable topic all around the world. The topics on the system of education for girls, their social status and the availability of facilities for them have been put on the table. This issue has an obvious counterpart. If the system of relations is questioned form one side, the other side comes under focus automatically. The question could not inevitably “be confined to women and girls” (Connell, 2008, pp. 131). The established concept of ‘manhood’ is subject to the changes of time. ‘Manhood’ is bound by the nature of masculinity, practices that are seen as gender specific and deemed appropriate for the male and the preset ideologies. But while the social relations are questioned, different aspects come under the circumference of the debate. Educational issues are a major part of the debate. The concept of gender has been a part of the pedagogical experiences of the schools and other educational institutions. ...
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The society comprises of both the genders, as we define it, girls and boys. Connell puts it, “Gender is a system of social relations” (Connell, 2008, pp. 131). The last twenty years has been a span of time in which a considerable amount of research has been conducted and studies made regarding the patterns of masculinity and feminism profound in the growing years of girls and boys…
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