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Early and Middle Adulthood

If you ask a sociologist, he may mention empty nests and tolerating teenagers. If you ask an economist, she will explain career-peaking, natural return to work, and provision for old age.”(p.2) Unanimous opinion exists that adolescence is a period of developments viewed from all ends, physical, cognitive and psychological growths. Many risks are involved in this phase. Behavior patterns go haywire and the adolescents take up to smoking, drinking alcohol, sexual and gang activity, drug abuse and other types of adventurous activities. This is the period when the nature of youth turns combustible. The end of childhood marks noticeable physical changes that impact the adolescent psychologically. Hormonal changes trigger puberty that affects behavior and moods. They attain the capacity to reproduce. Sex organs enlarge and secondary sex characteristics appear. As for physical and mental health, unless negative lifestyles are adopted, adolescent years are relatively healthy. The responsibility of school study adds to the worries of the adolescents, and they have less time to sleep. With the internet and communication revolutions, they spend more time in front of computers and televisions. They become figure-conscious and girls especially, take to obsessive dieting. The image building phobia constantly worries them. ...
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Subject: Gender & Sexual Studies, Essay Date: Topic: Early and Middle Adulthood Describe the changes that occur physically, cognitively, and sociemotionally during early and middle adulthood. Changes in multiple areas occur in the phase of transition from childhood to adulthood…
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