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Changing Age of Consent Laws

In this case, statutory rape implies a situation where an older individual engages in sexual activity with another individual who has not yet attained the age of consent. These individuals below the age of consent might as well be referred to as minors. The legislature is therefore, an influential force in controlling child sex abuse, since this is capable of developing criminal laws, which will apply to child abuse and protection. Different countries have different child age of consent laws. The variance in these laws across different countries can be attributed to the politics in the country, as well as the effects of colonialism in the country. However, in most countries, this age ranges between 12-18 years. In the Unites States of America, the range currently stands at 15-18, depending on the type of state. Additionally, in each state, there are specific ages identified, whereby a young person might not undergo prosecution in case of a crime that is committed by them. Nonetheless, each state has different age of consent laws, which are developed, depending on the sex and sexual identities of the parties involved (Angelides 141). Despite the existence of age of consent laws today, various issues still pose a challenge to the security and well-being of children in the world. ...
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Changing Age of Consent Laws In each country, there is an “age of consent,” and this differs from one country to another. Nonetheless, the age of consent refers to a specific age, whereby an individual, mainly a young person, is allowed to make independent decision, without the influence of parents, guardians, or other seniors in society…
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