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Femicide, the deliberate killing of females

The researcher states that beside misogyny, there can be other motives for the killing of females which include pleasure, anger, revenge, malice, jealousy, arguments, separation, sexual assault, robbery, and the exuberant feeling of finally being dominant and triumphant over a female. In terms of the perpetrator, it could be any male such as the father, the husband, a boyfriend, a close friend, an acquaintance, a brother, a lover, or even a complete stranger. In almost all cases, there is a gender-related issue behind the killing and usually accompanied by a victim-perpetrator type of relationship and a prior history of either verbal, psychological, or physical violence. This is a gender-selective violence that often includes the rape, torture, and mutilation of victims. Femicide can be viewed within the larger context of the gender wars as manifestation of a stringent form of anti-feminism, designed to terrorize women into submission. It is also a part of the larger cultural context where women are expected to be pure, submissive, always ready to obey the wishes of the men, and especially in the Chicano culture, to adhere to three Marias concept and avoid being labeled into the third Maria category. What is happening at the Ciudad Juarez in Mexico is a very visible form of this bias against the female gender. As stated earlier in the previous page, there are many motivations in femicide. ...
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The paper throws light on femicide as the deliberate killing of females, also alternatively termed as gynecide. It means all human beings who belong to the weaker sex are intentionally massacred for various reasons, and this includes adult women, young girls, or even female babies, infants or fetuses…
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