Immigration and America: What's the problem? Explain your view in detail. - Essay Example

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Immigration and America: What's the problem? Explain your view in detail.

There are tough challenges that the immigrants face, which have existed for centuries and still does not show any prospects of fading away. As human we are not in the position of standing them alone; hence, the need to depend on others either as individuals or as groups. Therefore, in as much as the immigrants need the Americans, the opposite is also true as the Americans also have so much to benefit from the immigrants. This is because the human race has trait like the highly ultra-social, mutually dependent form of group living. Therefore, prosperity, good living and two-way relation would only exist if two groups treat one another well as human beings and not as animals (Eberhardt and Susan 403-5). The Americans have not though treated their immigrants well due to the prejudice they have for them, as they view the immigrants as criminals as opposed to viewing them with the human aspect. The Americans view the immigrants as threats, people who are only out to take their resources, cheat them in exchanges while violating their norms and values, as such the policies towards immigrants and the immigration systems in the US are also quite biased (Esses et al 401-6). ...
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Name Instructor Course Date Prejudice as an Immigration problem in America The American society has been taking in immigrants in quite large numbers for quite some time now with the total number exceeding 1.8 million people currently. The Immigrants who come into America come with very clear intentions that are their desires to exploit the opportunities in America to ensure a better life for themselves and their families…
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