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The Love Lab

What it takes to sustain a relationship: Gottman Dr. Gottman has suggested several things in the video. First of all, he has advised to get rid of ‘The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse’, insisting that couples tend to create misunderstanding as well as bitterness among themselves by criticizing each other’s actions or thought. Also, sarcasm, cynicism, offending gestures, mockery, indirect insult and other negative behaviors tear two people apart. Stonewalling and defensiveness also prevents spouses from discussing problems with each other. Therefore, according to Dr. Gottman, it is absolutely essential that whenever any occasion of dispute takes place, at least one partner must try to ‘settle’ down or ‘divert’ the topic (Gehart 337). To settle disputes in marriages, Dr. Gottman advised the couples for ‘couple therapy’ and weekend workshops. He also held the view that to sustain a marriage a couple must take certain initiatives like building ‘love- maps’ and must share fondness and good memories. Some admiration needs to be present among partners. Above all, they must concentrate on their marriage and hold a positive attitude. This would help in creation of a shared meaning and help the partners to achieve their ambitions and aspirations. ...
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The Love Tab Introduction Family Research Lab or ‘The Love Lab’ is a video made at the lab of Dr. Gottman at Seattle, University of Washington. This video demonstrates an analytical process and identifies the behaviors or differences which drive two people apart in a marriage…
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