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Interracial Marriage

Over time, interracial marriage has evoked a number of sentiments. There have been differences on how this issue has been viewed traditionally as well as contemporarily. Conventionally, men of color who marry women outside their race are seen as individuals who want to break free from their own identities. For instance, David Mura’s Reflections of My Daughter convey the emotion of self-hate in a man of color who chose to marry a white woman (O’Hearn). On the other hand, popular culture belief asserts that interracial marriage represents genuine acceptance and love. The following discussions look into the contrast of traditional and popular culture belief regarding men of color who choose to wed outside their race (Option A). In a traditional sense, men who opt to marry women from another race deny their innermost identities. This recourse is somehow seen as cowardly since it could be a way of escaping the prejudices and other disadvantages caused by one’s color. Most elderlies frown at this occurrence since it negates patriotism. One way of showing respect and love to your culture and nation is by marrying someone from where you are. They may also assert that one way of strengthening a race is by making it pure. For instance, Mura expounded on how he has experienced racism as a man of color. ...
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Interracial marriage has been taking place in most places for a long time. For instance, “intermarriages between white men and non-black women in the 1960 census were Japanese (21,700), American Indian (17,300), Filipina (4,500), and Chinese (2,900)” (Root 179). …
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